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A piece of furniture isn’t just a material object that one has in their home or office, it is instead an item that tells a story. For some their item of furniture prompts memories of times spent with the family, for others their desk may remind them of a successful business deal. At it’s design we regard this value highly and therefore try to produce well-crafted furniture that the customer will forever cherish.

Our latest project was done in our upholstery factory where we did the reupholstery of a few Cassina and Poltrona Frau items. The Cassina items were designed by the Italian architect and designer, Franco Albini, and the Japanese designer, Toshiyuki Kita. We did the reupholstery in leather to go with the smooth, modern feel that the sofas and armchairs possessed. Each piece has a unique structure to it and we wanted to let that stand out as we did the reupholstery.

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We are so pleased to announce our acquirement of two, brand new, pattern stitching sewing machines into our upholstery factory this week. With 48 design options, this state of the art technology in our hot little  hands, allows us to create a range of distinctive, yet minimalistic designs to suit all your furniture needs.

The sheer detail that can be generated by this machine is astonishing, as a simple modification in the stitching design can completely change the look and feel of the whole product. We can personalise every stitch to create a unique and highly distinctive design in a simple yet effective way.

With the revolutionary rotating needle bar, we are able to create and design a wide range of decorative stitching with absolute precision. From  minimalistic, to highly detailed designs, we have the potential to do it all. Moreover, it is strong enough to be used on a range of materials such as home upholstery and leather and with up to 1,600 stitches per minute, we can fulfil your needs in no time.

Check out some of the patterns we can make for you in the video below!


Last year, our upholstery team had the uttermost delight working with Qantas in refurbishing some luxury designed furniture in their lounge located at Sydney Airport. Well, they have finally been returned and are looking fabulous in their home.

Our upholstery team had an absolute pleasure working with Qantas not only to restore these exquisite pieces to their previous unparalleled beauty, but also to be a contributing factor in helping Qantas achieve their goal of a 30% drop in waste reduction by 2020. It has become extremely necessary to do every we can to reduce waste and landfill by recycling and reusing wherever possible. And what better way to do this by reupholstering the furniture instead of throwing out these worn but still usable pieces into landfill.

It’s Design is committed to minimising waste and helping others reduce their ecological foot print. By reupholstering these lounges and armchairs, we have significantly extended the lifespan of these products and helped the environment by reducing waste. The process of reupholstery enables us to help preserve the designs from brands such as Living Divani, B&B Italia, Walter Knoll and Poltrona Frau, but at the same time revive the look of the piece by giving it a fresh, modern new look.

Here is just some of what the refurbished furniture looks like!   

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment through restoring old furniture, feel free to contact me on +61 2 9808 2700 or I can’t wait to hear from you and for us to go on this journey of creating a sustainable change in the future.

Another year of the world renowned IMM Cologne has passed. And as always, the IMM Cologne has out done itself once again when presenting the latest global furniture and interior design trends. The innovative designs inspire the coming seasons trends as the event is a key driver and a creative centre in the global furniture market scene.

From the moment we entered, we were sent into another world filled with unparalleled inspiration in all things furniture. The sheer degree of expertise within one European city was immense and profoundly stimulating, being able to experience all the latest innovations and concepts come to light.

The trend towards re-releasing vintage and new modern classics has become a well-established one within the furniture sector. This year was no different as we saw many of the biggest brands celebrate their heritage and values in their new collections. A key influence was retro inspired classic designs with bold and brash colour clashes. It is clear that these classic designs are timeless and authentic as they are re-released with a contemporary twist.

Freifrau Leya Lounge Chair

Design: Birgit Hoffmann & Christoph Kahleyss

Freifrau Romy Cocktailsessel

Design: Patrick Frey

With the top international decisions makers, the industry’s most important opinion leaders and disseminators in one place, IMM Cologne allowed us to experience all of the trends of tomorrow, today. Or rather the designs of yesteryear, in a new light.

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The countdown to Christmas begins! With less than two months to go, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about decorating your Christmas Tree. Parkhaus Berlin has come out with a range of high quality, minimalist felt ornaments to add a touch of luxury to any tree!

1. Parkhaus Christmas Angel

2. Parkhaus Christmas Bell

3. Parkhaus Christmas Candle

4. Parkhaus Christmas Reindeer

5. Parkhaus Christmas Tree

6. Parkhaus Christmas Rocking Horse

7. Parkhaus Christmas Snow Flake

8. Parkhaus Christmas Angel with Candle

9. Parkhaus Christmas Star

The Parkhaus range comes in 32 different colours meaning there is one to suit every household!

Let us know if you need any more information about the products, we have all details up our sleeves but not yet in our online catalogue. My email is

We can’t wait to hear from you!






We are very happy to announce that our 4 year upholstery apprentice Sidiki has finalised his training and is now a fully qualified upholsterer. It’s Design takes pride in it’s 30 years tradition in training classical trades such as upholstery and cabinetmaking. We feel it is our obligation and of course in our own interest to keep the knowledge of ‘the old crafts’ in the country. With that we want to ensure that there are well trained and specialised tradesmen that can not only master tools and machines but also know how to think independently about way to make furniture and new techniques. Sidiki is now one of those professionals, ensuring that It’s Design keeps the high quality of upholstery that our clients are used to. We are especially happy about Sidiki’s successful completion of his apprenticeship as he has become a valuable team member. In order to learn upholstery, Sidiki (originally from Sierra Leone) needed to take English and driving classes, both of which he pursued with amazing persistance and will power. Additionally we love Sidiki’s craftsmanship, his humour and sense of responsibility and hope that he will remain in the It’s Design family for much longer.

As this eventful year comes to an end, we wish all our customers, suppliers, friends and families a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. So much has happened over the last year and in particular during the past six months. More details of all that in the New Year. Now it’s time to enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

Jul 11


One thing that has been missing from our range over the years has been a sofa collection. A collection that meets our design requirements. There are so many sofa designs that are… well just rectangular. Boxes.

This changed at the beginning of the year when we met the people from Kvadra. At first it was their designs that stuck my attention, in particular the Segment. However, as we got to know each other it became clear that our philosophies also align. Kvadra is a young company formed in 2010. Much younger than it’s design in terms of existence. Yet our people are a similar age. Kvadra, like it’s design, lays value on the craftsman techniques and quality workmanship, combined with modern machinery and processes. A focus on comfort with the understanding that the desire for aesthetic is part of human need. Being a young dynamic group of people exchanging ideas, curious about new materials, exploring new ways and designs. There are so many parallels between us this was obviously a perfect partnership. Explore their collection and follow us on FacebookLinkedInPinterest, Twitter and Google+ as we add new models to the range.

Before they get pick up by our client, we thought we’d share with you two Walter Knoll 369 chairs we have just finished re-upholstering in leather. Designed by Walter Knoll in the fifties it apparently caused quite a furore with its unconventional design. However, over the passing decades its design has proven to be timeless and we got a first hand look at the quality of workmanship and materials used, which set the parameters that these chairs will continue to stand the test of time. These two chairs speak volumes for investing in not only in design but quality furniture. Upholstering the chairs in a high quality leather, with suitable leather care, it is likely that the furniture won’t need re-upholstering for decades.

We are excited to launch our on-line store with the Parkhaus seat pads tailored to suit the classic chairs from Eames to Panton and more.

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