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Neudörfler was founded on the 17th June 1946 by Karl Markon. During its early years the company produced doors, windows and even wheelbarrows that were so desperately needed to clean up the rubble in Wiener Neustadt after the war. It did not take long before the company began making office furniture that quickly became renowned beyond Austria’s borders.

In 1956/57 the company built its factory where it still stands today in Neudörfl, Austria. Over the years it has been extended, renovated and expanded to accommodate the growth.

The year 1976 saw the company become the first furniture manufacturer to receive the right to use the Austria Coat of Arms.

In 2003 Neudörfler receives the Red Dot award for a second time for Excellence in Design.

The company currently employs approximately 300 people across 8 locations in Austria. The focus on high quality leads to their motivation and competence. Neudörfler lays great value on further education and social activities. Furthermore, around 90% of the employees are highly qualified trades people.


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