MAK Ambient Light and Clothes Rack


Design: Robin Keussen

MAK ambient light and clothes rack’s combination of an elegant Tasmanian Oak clothes rack and ambient lighting is both a playful and practical design. In apartments, hotels, modern office spaces or as a signature piece in just about any space, MAK makes a statement while also offering a clever space-saving design.

MAK’s minimal design, with clean lines and simple construction, gives it a modern style, which can easily be adapted through colour and material selection to suit a range of environments.

MAK is available as a light-rack with a lampshade, or as a traditional rack without the lampshade, and is available in four sizes: holding 4, 8, and 12 garments or ‘Unlimited’. MAK Unlimited uses a unique modular system allowing it to be extended to any length, not only displaying garments, but also creating a beautiful atmosphere within retail environments.

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Product Description

The MAK Ambient Light and Clothes Rack’s thin, lightweight appearance results in less materials being used, while the raw beauty of the frame – made from plantation Tasmanian Oak and finished in natural oil – is allowed to shine. With a range of material and colour options, the lampshade uses natural materials such as wool, which is fully recyclable.

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600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm


No, Yes


Orange 010, Mid Grey 012, Not Applicable


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