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We are very happy to announce that our 4 year upholstery apprentice Sidiki has finalised his training and is now a fully qualified upholsterer. It’s Design takes pride in it’s 30 years tradition in training classical trades such as upholstery and cabinetmaking. We feel it is our obligation and of course in our own interest to keep the knowledge of ‘the old crafts’ in the country. With that we want to ensure that there are well trained and specialised tradesmen that can not only master tools and machines but also know how to think independently about way to make furniture and new techniques. Sidiki is now one of those professionals, ensuring that It’s Design keeps the high quality of upholstery that our clients are used to. We are especially happy about Sidiki’s successful completion of his apprenticeship as he has become a valuable team member. In order to learn upholstery, Sidiki (originally from Sierra Leone) needed to take English and driving classes, both of which he pursued with amazing persistance and will power. Additionally we love Sidiki’s craftsmanship, his humour and sense of responsibility and hope that he will remain in the It’s Design family for much longer.


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